Panama // Day 1

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1:51pm: Hey guys! Right now I’m sitting in cross-legged position at my gate in the airport with an amazing acai bowl (Shoutout to Jamba Juice), my laptop, and earbuds. I’m going to be updating you guys everyday on my adventures for the next five exciting days so stay tuned…

5:30pm: We’re in economy right now but I’m so happyyy! 🙂 Originally, I had the seat at the exit so I had tons of leg room but then I got moved back in between my sister and a smelly ol’ lard but thank goodness for my mom because she moved my sister and I into our own row. Once they closed the gate, I forced my sister to get her own empty row and voila! I’ve got three seats to myself with a lot of leg room and a few movies and books to power through. I drank about 2/3 of a liter of water so far and a cashew caramel macro bar so I’m feeling pretty good…

11:58pm: I just got to the hotel about an hour or two ago and it was humid as hell. After washing my face, going through Clueless and Aquamarine for the thousandth time, and eating an amazing Greek salad, I’m now propping my laptop up on my very bloated tummy. However, I’ve had a pretty good day despite the long travel process. See you tomorrow! ❤


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