Whole Foods Haul

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I have an addiction to shopping. Online, clothing, furniture, beauty, you name it. Oh, and food. Yes, I like to grocery shop. Today I fulfilled my love of discovering new foods and repurchasing hidden gems…here’s what I bought at Whole Foods… 🙂


T H E  P R O D U C T S

  • Bananas: I have about 2-5 bananas a day whether it’s through a smoothie or a nice cream bowl, so as you can tell, bananas are my go-to. Loading up on the potassium, I see. 
  • Omega Flax Seed Gluten-Free Bread: I love this bread because it has added benefits and tastes great. I use bread for making my own healthy french toast in the mornings and of course avocado toast.
  • SUJA Glow Juice: Nothing’s better than a pre-made cold pressed green juice. A good way of subtly repenting for your sins after a long weekend ;).
  • Alter Ego Sea Salt and Quinoa Dark Chocolate: I love this chocolate because 1. It’s vegan and dark and 2. Tastes amazing. 
  • Organic Peeled Baby Carrots: I always snack on hummus and veggies so these’ll be super convenient and healthy to bring along with me to school or eat when I’m hanging out at home with my best friend, Netflix. 
  • Kombucha (Pink Lady Apple + Original): I love Kombucha because it satisfies my seldom cravings for a fizzy and sweet drink. No Sprite, no problem.
  • Fresh Cold-Pressed Beet Juice: At Whole Foods, the staff makes fresh and amazing juices to bring home. This one is delicious because it’s sweet and cleansing. 
  • Califa Dairy-Free Almond Milk (Original + Vanilla): I don’t even drink milk on it’s own but I incorporate it into my life with smoothies and bowls of heaven. Since I have about one a day, I always need to stock up.
  • Organic Raspberries: No need for explanation.
  • Clementines: Loveee these! I bring about 2 for a healthy and delicious snack for school when I’m feeling extra lazy. 
  • Sweetened Cacao Nibs: I ran out of the regular ones so I had to settle for these sweetened cacao nibs, but a little sugar never hurt nobody. I love adding these to ice cream and smoothies as a good alternate for chocolate.
  • Acai Powder: I’m obsessed with acai for the rich taste and color so I am in love with adding a spoonful into a fruity smoothie or nice cream bowl for added benefits and beauty.
  • Grandy Oats Classic Granola: I finished the last bag in about a week so I don’t think I need to explain myself here. 


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