The Power Of Prioritizing

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W H A T  T O  S H O W  Y O U R  G R A N D K I D S . . . . . . . . 

My planner says my priorities are getting my homework done in a timely manner, acing my next test, and understanding what I’m learning in chemistry to a certain degree, but my mind says something else. With the hustle and bustle of life, our priorities seem to be skewed. We seem to be thinking that things that don’t matter that much in the long run are the number one priority in life. Don’t get me wrong, doing well in school, sports, and clubs is important. But there are other things that top these TEMPORARY goals that would benefit your wellbeing in the LONG RUN.

School is seems to be my constant reminder of things that don’t matter in life: the fact that people are thinking and prioritizing the wrong things. I want to say, a 10429271_1610698812483357_1975292613687108880_n
vast 50-75% of my grade thinks that popularity or “coolness” is the most important thing, even before school work. But guess what? It’s not. Your happiness is being well, happy in the long run, which you can only obtain
with a solid group of people who make you feel good and happy no matter what. How does happiness have anything to do with the chicks in your grade?, you may ask. Well, let me answer that for you. I can’t be sure but from what I can tell, hear, and see (so basically I am sure), a lot of people I know are only friends with the people for a certain image that makes them “cool”.

You know what’s not cool though? Looking back on 10989457_1728349480718289_7262391916208940510_nlife after school and telling your grandkids that you were “cool” and had a shit ton of fake friends. What’s cool is looking back and smiling because you had a great bundle of people who would be there for you and would genuinely make great memories with. And that’s what’s cool. Because once you step foot out of whatever you think you’re the most popular or whatever in, no one will give the slightest care in the world. No one is going to befriend you if you are friends with certain people. They’re going to befriend you because of your character, because that’s what mature people do; and I’m hoping you’re encountering mature people when you’re done with schooling. Your priority should be looking back on life and smiling because it was the best time of your life with the best people you’ve met.

The things that benefit your wellbeing are the things you should make your priorities. I guess if being extremely “cool” or popular is REEEAAAALLLY going to make you happy in the long run, then
prioritize it. Just know that some things that matter right now aren’t even going to change the slightest things in life later on. So prioritize wisely, kids.


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