Fall Favorites

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Ahh, fall. The time for basic white girls to be flocking Starbucks for the limited edition of #PSL like the swarm of geese migrating south. Despite the annoyance that falls upon me when I step and crackle on bare branches that lay on the pavement, I still nonetheless love finding cozy clothes to bundle up in and new products and foods to get me past the painful opening of the school season. Here’s a list of favorites for the brisk yet sunny autumn months.

school fall


12106939_1726080670945170_2003008119923227516_n-2T H E   F A V O R I T E S


  • Korres Lip Butter (Wild Rose): The perfect multi-purpose product for a rosy glow on both cheeks and lips. 
  • PIXI Brow Pencil (Dark Brunette): For people with no eyebrows, such as myself…
  • Sea Breeze Astringent: I now know how it feels like to have boobs because whenever I get a pimple, I’m like “hey eyes are here!” but with this mighty ol’ thang, I go back to feeling like a prepubescent boy which hey, isn’t such a bad thing sometimes.
  • Acure Argen Stem Cell + Chlorella Growth Face Scrub: Brisk months bring dry and dull skin–not a cute look.
  • Aveda Daily Moisturizing Oil: Just a good little tube of moisturizing magic for those split ends.
  • Old Spice Original Deodorant: It might just be my undying love for androgyny but this stuff smells like a sexy man and what teenage girl doesn’t want to smell like that?


  • Adidas Superstar Londons: For someone who wears black almost 24/7, a pair of cool sneakers can take it from 0 to 100, real quick.
  • Skinny High-Waisted Jeans: I have anxiety about a whale’s tail peeping out of the top of my jeans so 1) high-wasted jeans ensure a covered butt, and 2) they’re cute, simple, versatile, and most importantly, comfortable. 
  • Booties: Because what dat booty do, what dat booty do.
  • A Leather or Bomber Jacket: It just looks cool and it traps in the heat that we need more than ever during the breezy days and freaking cold nights. 


  • Green Tea + Mint Tea: Cleanse your soul and body. 
  • Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls: A healthy, hearty, and insta-worthy version of the typical all-American cereal bowl to fill you up for the bright day ahead.
  • Starbucks Cold Brew w/ Soy: Yummy and simple, this coffee blend ensures a sugar-high and crash so you can feel spectacular all day long!!!!!!! (Sarcasm, kids)


  • The Office + Lie To Me: Non-addictive shows that you can jump into whenever you feel like a couch potato and don’t want to do anything but laugh or gasp while cuddling by yourself and a good cup of tea. 
  • Upcoming fall song list….

And these are my general fall 2015 favorites and essentials. Happy fall!


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