Summer 2015 // Norway + North Europe

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Right now, I’m drowning in a massive overload of homework. I haven’t even started because of the very time-consuming sport I somehow survived through called field hockey. Yes, I just got home like an hour ago, and here I am once again procrastinating on some chemistry lab report I am destined to fail.

The misery homework and studying caused me to reminisce about the easy going, cultured days when I was traveling north Europe this past July…ahhh, the good ol’ days. Here are just a few photos from the trip….

Me trying to be all cute and candid.

baby bill

He loves me, I swear. (JK, I’m setting him up with my 11 year old sis)

cell phone



Isn’t Norway just marvelous?


FYI: I had to yell at several Urban Outfitters employees for these dope sneakers.

norway graffitiWow.

throwing stones

If only I could throw stones at people I hate…


The shoes make a dramatic appearance once again…

Three hours? Worth it.


I ran through the highway for this and got verbally shanked but I think it was worth it..



258 days till summer 2016! Have fun doing homework tonight.


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