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Call me a hypocrite; I’m on social media right now. What is social media though? It’s media that helps others socialize. Duh, Brenda. Since it first was invented in 1978, it has definitely evolved into an integral part of the 21st generation, perhaps more than it should’ve. It’s not really media that helps others socialize others anymore, more so a lifestyle. And it’s tragic.

I’m sure you’ve seen and done this yourself: hanging out with friends or family and staring at your iPhone with the prime purpose of emergency contact. We get sucked in so easily because we care more about interacting with people over a gadget rather than actual humans sitting across the table. But what could be so interesting on our phones that makes us not even have the intention of communicating with real live humans?

Image. It’s all about image. We seem to care more about the latest Instagram picture some girl in our grade posted, the amount of Facebook friends someone has, the SnapStory that “proves” we have friends than the people who have voices and stories that actually matter.

All we seem to care about is the image but the image isn’t even real most of the time. We always wonder how a girl has “everything” in the world due to her plethora of unobtainable designer purses and shoes but what if her parents are going through a nasty divorce, her sister died, her dad is an addict? People post what they want others to see and think of them and who would want others to see their worst facets? No one.

What I’m trying to say (or question) is why social media has evolved from something fun and an annex to communication with real human beings (!!!) to the actual communication itself and the way we perceive others (inaccurately).


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