Fall’s Prerequisite Pieces

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Fall is officially here so say hello to brisk and windy days and a flurry of trendy catalogs. Styles reminiscent of the 70s is trending this fall so I decided to pull out my favorite pieces that resonate with the upcoming fashion swing for my personal list of the top nine fashion must-haves.

fall clothes

T H E  E S S E N T I A L S

  1. Felt Hat: Because there’s nothing cooler than going incognito.
  2. Turtleneck Sweater: Cozy and comfortable, a turtleneck sweater combines a scarf, blanket and easy going t-shirt all in one handy piece. 
  3. Slim Boyfriend Jeans: Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got BOYFRIEND JEANS? Not me! Groove up a bland outfit with bright blue jeans with few baggy tears here and there for instant trendsetting status. 
  4. Chelsea Boots: Booties are a vital staple when it comes to fall fashion so the classic equestrian styled bootie is no exception.
  5. Tennis Shoes: White sneakers are obligatory all year-round but something makes it seem more fresh in the fall. Is it the contrast between white and the warm toned leaves? Who knows. 
  6. Bomber Jacket: Take a bad-ass turn with this military/aviator-esq jacket.
  7. Leather Jacket: Classic.
  8. Suede Skirt: Go retro with a simple silhouette of a skirt with suede and a pop of color. So groovy, so rad, soo fashion forward. 
  9. White button up: Nothing is more crisp and sleek than a simple button up.  You can even wear this towards the mid-end of summer with denim cut-offs for a clean and chic look. Versatile? Check. 

Hope this list of fall must-haves helps guide your fall shopping!


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