Let’s Kick Some A$$

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Kickboxing is my favorite workout ever. There’s something very relaxing about round kicking dents into the punching bag, sweating bullets, and throwing jab-crosses at the bag imagining it as your arch nemesis. Despite it’s therapeutic qualities after a long dreadful day at school, it’s really great for working off anything you may need to.

I go to CKO, it’s a nationwide kickboxing center for all ages. It’s super friendly and welcoming, and best of all, very encouraging. I’ve been kickboxing for a about 3-4 months now, and I definitely see improvement in my physical ability. I can now do a whopping 13 push-ups, 70 sit-ups, and run faster. I can also see and feel my body getting stronger and more toned.


T H E  W O R K O U T

  • Stretch (however you want)
  • Elbow Plank (1 min)
    • Get on all fours (elbows and feet) making sure your body is parallel to the ground, hold for 1 minute.
  • Rock Climbers (1 min)
    • hold your arms at 90 degrees to the side and meet your elbow to your knee. Do this as fast as you can; the higher your elbow, the better the workout.
  • 30 Sit-ups w/ Jab/Cross each time
    • Every time you sit fully upwards, punch your left hand forward, then your right. (This is a full jab/cross)
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 Shoulder Taps
    • holding a push-up position, tap your opposite shoulder.
  • Rapid Fire (1 ½ min)
    • It is best if you have a punching bag for this but if not you can simply follow the same steps. Do whatever you want as fast as possible (punches, kicks, etc)
  • Break (1 min)
  • Repeat
  • Break (1 min)
  • Repeat
  • Stretch


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