Don’t Waste Life


Let’s have a vision, shall we?


I’m sitting in my sandy and messy room listening to the AMTRAC remix of When Will I See You Again with nostalgic memories of past summers. Despite the crazy thoughts flooding my cluttered mind, there’s one that I can easily pluck out. One that has changed my life.

This memory is of my friend and I sitting in a little diner in my school’s town eating an omelette and fruit bowl talking about life as per usual. My friend Val and I have these epiphanies, every time. Every time we text, call, or hangout, a new one floats through our heads and roll out our tongues. “Life never stops”. That’s one thing that had us both confused despite the ease of understanding it beholds. Life never stops. Think about it, soak it all in. Life never stops for you. Time never stops. You can never pause and rewind. You can never regain a second of your life. I remember after saying that, I pulled out my phone and turned on the stopwatch. The moment I tapped the start button will never happen again in that exact moment. The second I just typed that *T* will never happen again. The time will never wait for you to do something.

That’s exactly why you just gotta do it. And by “it” I mean whatever you want to do. If you want to tell your mom you love her but are too lazy, do it. If you want to passionately kiss the love of your life, do it. If you want to hug your best friend and tell them you’re grateful for them, do it. If you keep holding off these precious things you want to do, they may never come around. You never know what’s going to happen. You never know when your life is gone.

Every millisecond of your life is precious and deserves to be used to the maximum, so do what you want and live it because you will never have a chance to do it over. As cliche and classic as it is, the regrets are the chances you never take. So take a chance, live it up, because time never stops. You’ll never be able to take a second back.

I just hope these few paragraphs were worth the priceless moments of your life.


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